Salopian Adventures II (backlog)

Dinner on The Lawley

It hadn't been the happiest of days and so we took to the hills to make our tea.  Looking back, we were in awe of the wonderful weather that night.  Little did we know that weeks of resplendent sunshine were just around the corner.  (That said, I climbed The Lawley again the weekend just gone and it's in real need of a good drink.)

I really like food (!) and I'm incredibly excited for all of the tastes and flavours that we are set to encounter on our adventure.  (First stop, Carrefour for some Lion cereal...!)  Many have queried how we're going to fare as vegetarians (and part-time/wannabe vegans), and the answer is we don't really know.  Olly has definitely been day-dreaming of sleeping in yurt in Uzbekistan and being offered ceremonial goat stew.  Watch this space...

As we're going to be camping and cooking for ourselves most of the time we intend to shop at markets and supermarkets in order to stock up on pasta, lentils, beans and vegetables in a bid to keep ourselves nourished and healthy.

A couple of nights ago, YN asked which food we think is going to be most important to have stashed in a pannier.  Both Olly and I answered immediately: "porridge oats", said Olly, "broccoli", said I.  We've totally got this covered. 

Dinner on The Lawley was broccoli pasta with lemon and garlic.  Our MSR Whisperlite was put to the test alongside the MSR kitchen set that we have.  All served us well, though I am still a bit confused by how to successfully pressurise the fuel can.  Also, following the advice of bike camp cook I bought a little wooden spoon, separate to the kitchen set, and I'm tempted by some other kitchen bits too (but pennies make pounds and all that, and bits and bobs make for heavy panniers).

Ingredients: pasta, broccoli, lemon, garlic, water, salt, pepper.
Method: Boil the water and cook the pasta.  Add the broccoli to the pasta so that it cooks thoroughly, but doesn't become mushy.  Drain the water, saving a little bit.  Add some lemon rind, lemon juice and grated garlic and cook a little bit more.  We added a sprinkling of Envegita Yeast Flakes that we'd pinched from Nadia's cupboard (thanks, Nadia!).  We ate it quickly as it cooled down rapidly.  Tasty enough for us and a brilliant view to boot.